Cosmetic Dental Checkup

A beautiful smile is one of the greatest assets that one can feel proud of themselves. That will be possible by cosmetic dentistry. It consists of all dental procedures that help achieve a beautiful and a healthy smile. Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you wish to improve your smile and make a big impression?

All dental procedures that help to improve one’s smile come under cosmetic dentistry. Moreover, this may range from changes in the colour of the teeth to major dental repairs. Treatment procedures like tooth whitening, crowns, bridges, braces, Invisalign aligners, bonding, veneers, teeth reshaping and recontouring teeth to improve your smile and promote oral health come under cosmetic dentistry.If you are prone to many stains due to coffee or foods, just tooth whitening may suffice. Some individuals may not be a candidate for tooth whitening due to extensive tooth wear or extreme tetracycline staining. In these cases, you cosmetic dentist may suggest all ceramic crowns or veneers. However, before any cosmetic procedure is undertaken your cosmetic dentist will perform a detailed examination to ensure that your teeth are healthy or take steps to achieve it.


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