Dental Implant

A missing tooth can affect the beauty of the smile and hinder a person’s ability to bite and chew food. It also brings down your confidence level. If you are worried about replacing your lost tooth, implant dentistry is probably the best thing you hear as a solution for the problem. Besides restoring one’s teeth, implant dentistry also improves the aesthetics by creating a healthy smile

Dentures: When a tooth has deteriorated substantially, it often needs to be extracted; and when multiple teeth are extracted, dentures may be the most appropriate solution. Dentures can create a natural and healthy looking set of teeth. Also, a properly fitting set of dentures can greatly enhance your smile and sense of self-esteem.

Complete dentures are used when few original teeth remain. The dentist begins by removing any remaining teeth so the dentures can be fitted. He or she then makes a mould of the gums and sends it to a dental lab where customised dentures are constructed. Partial dentures are prepared in much the same way as a complete set and are utilised when only a few teeth are missing.

Immediate Dentures allows patients to have their Dentures on the same day their teeth are removed. That prevents the embarrassment of being without teeth.

Bridge: A traditional bridge is made by creating a crown for the teeth on either side of the space and placing a false tooth or teeth between the crowns. The crowns, sometimes called caps, can be supported by natural teeth or by implants. The false tooth or teeth are attached to the crowns and fill the space.


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