Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

It is a field of dentistry that treats the root canal system. When decay extends to the pulp or the nerve inside the tooth, the person almost always experiences spontaneous throbbing pain. The pain increases at night and is aggravated by cold & sweet foods. The Dentist relieves the pain and pressure symptoms by treating the root canal system which houses the tooth nerve or pulp.


Treatment begins with deep anaesthesia. The tooth nerve was accessed by drilling into the tooth; the infected nerve was removed, canals are cleaned and filled with a bio-inert material.
Following a root canal treatment, the tooth is fragile due to insults from decay and mechanical instrumentation and is prone to fracture. Overtime colour changes are also observed. To protect the tooth from fracture, your dentist will advise a crown. Sometimes depending upon the amount of tooth structure that is lost, a post ( metal or a glass fibre pin ) will need to be placed for added retention of the crown.


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